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Éric Duminil

Welcome to my personal webpage.

  • I'm a software developer with experience in 15 languages. I love Ruby, Python, geoinformatics, teaching and solar energy.
  • Here's my profile on StackOverflow, with Ruby & Python golden badges.
  • Here's my profile at Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, where I work.
  • I received a Master of Science in hydrodynamics from École Centrale de Nantes and a Master of Science in energetics from Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales.
  • I'm the main developer of SimStadt, an urban simulation environment, written in Java.
  • I'm a co-developer of, a graphical programming language for the simulation of renewable energy systems, written in FORTRAN/C++/Java.
  • I'm the main developer of CO2-Ampel, an open-source project, written in C++ for ESP8266 & ESP32.
  • I love teaching, e.g. python.
  • I speak French/English/German/Spanish fluently, and understand Italian.
  • Here's my LinkedIn profile.
  • I like photography.
  • I love skateboarding (bowl/street/long-distance/downhill/...). I rode 330km in 24 hours, alone. 3 friends and I rode a 24h relay race. We won, and broke the French record, with 513.45km.